Our Yoga Teachers


Our Yoga Teachers

Swami Rakesh

Swami Rakesh, is a well known spiritual teacher from India. He has deep understanding about Spirituality, Reiki, Eastern and Western philosophy, Meta Physics, Physcho-physics, tantra shastra, kundalini yoga etc.
Over the years, he has taught many of his disciples about ways to manage Physical – Mental – Astral Stress, mood swings, insomnia, insecurity, frustration, loneliness, depression, anxiety, phobia etc.
He has designed techniques, which help a person to live more efficiently and effectively in a society. His techniques and his knowledge of Vedic sciences, help people to remain calm in their day to day life. You are suggested to come and take this opportunity to transform yourself through the path of spirituality.

Swami Rakesh left home during his teenage years in search of The Truth. Most of the time he wandered in the Northern Himalayas and met numerous holy men and masters. He found inspiration in works of well known saints and sages like Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Yogi Arvind, Raman Maharshi, etc. Along with Bhagwat Gita, he deeply studied and has an in-depth understanding of Vedanta-Yoga-Tantra philosophies and their practical aspects. Human behaviour and psychology, psychosomatic diseases, modern science, metaphysics, different healing techniques like yoga-breathing, etc topics remain his favourite subjects of contemplation, all this is on the basis of a deep understanding of ancient philosophies. He has also done comparative study of different religions.
Swamiji’s ability to explain the ancient rituals in modern scientific light gives new vigour to the modern mind to perform and connect with different rituals that may have been suggested to them for their healing or spiritual upliftment.
He has been teaching synthesis yoga – Kundalini, Ayurveda, Eastern and Western Philosophies, Pranayama Techniques, Tantra (Kashmiri, Banaras and Southern Saivism), Rituals (like fire, deities, symbols, etc), Mantra, Physical-Mental-Social Constitution etc in scientific way as a guest faculty in multiple institutes/ashrams within India and abroad.
While sacred Himalayas and Holy Ganges make him feel at home, Swamiji has traveled all across India, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and few other Asian countries. The teacher and healer in him has attracted friends / students from different regions and they have benefited from his life experiences and wisdom. He has remained as one of the favourite teachers of his students.
While being active outwardly, within, he finds shelter at the lotus feet of the Divine Mother. Many have claimed that being in Swami Rakesh’s company, they have experienced pure divine love. His company alone has been proven to be uplifting and healing to many.

Maria Dobos

After 15 years, as a HR and Career Consultant within London’s corporate world, Maria has made her mission in life to guide and to teach people how to improve their mental, physical and emotional health. Herself personally healed and recovered from illness through the power of Breath, Yoga and Meditation.
Her personal journey from darkness into light has given her the experience of transformation and discovery to become an inspirational catalyst for sharing her wealth of knowledge and wisdom with others. Maria’s knowledge of yoga and her teaching style has been influenced by renowned teachers from India, where she lived, studied and also taught over the years: Swami Rakesh, Dr. Ganesh Rao, Swami Raviji, Dr. Rahul Das, Krishnaji Prem, Guruji Praba.
She was also inspired and taught by amazing teachers like Nikki Myers, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Sadie Nardini, Seane Corn, Gary Kraftsow, Sierra Hollister, Gloria Latham, Chelsea Roff.
Maria studied Female Hormone Yoga Therapy, a holistic method created by a Brazilian psychologist and also Yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues, which is a dynamic form of yoga therapy, through which the goal is to naturally reactivate the hormonal production of women’s endocrine glands in order to reduce or eliminate: PMS, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Irregular Periods, Infertility and various hormonal imbalances.
She has discovered the power of breath and had the opportunity to trained alongside Patrick Mckeown in London, and now she is an Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor and Buteyko Breathing Method one.
Maria is currently based in Ubud, Bali where she teaches female hormone therapy and breathing reeducation, when she is not running transformational Feminine Wellbeing Retreats on the magical Island of Gods.

Rajwant Singh Bami

Our esteemed mentor Mr. Rajwant Singh Bami is a practising Solicitor Advocate in London. He has practised yoga and meditation from his childhood. He has followed the path of family life. While he has been busy with his worldly work and family life he has maintained a balance with meditation and communication with God.
All those who come in contact with him are impressed by his non judgemental stance and attitude and seek his company to gain solutions to their troubled life and mindset through discussions with him. He has intuitive skills which he had developed and honed in the spiritual company of his Grandfather in his formative years of his life.
It can be said that one gains a sense of internal peace and clarity in his company without being aware of such transformation. This can only be experienced in his presence and connection with him in his Audience. His real and conceptual understanding is of the spiritual domain brings joy and exuberance to the participants.